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ReCAMA Workshop and Business-matching Event on Sustainable Mechanization for Smallholder Farmers
28 November 2022 14.30-17.30 (Beijing time) on Zoom application
[The Regional Council of Agricultural Machinery Associations in Asia and the Pacific (ReCAMA)is a flagship initiative of the Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the
Pacific (ESCAP-CSAM) for promoting sustainable agricultural mechanization through strengthening the capacity of national agricultural machinery associations, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information, and enhancing collaboration and closer business connections among national associations and their members.]
The objective of the event is to : 1) promote a better understanding of the needs of smallholder famers in relation to agricultural machinery for sustainable and climate-smart agricultural development; 2) explore the range of mechanization-based solutions available for smallholder farmers; and 3) enhance regional cooperation and promote sustainable trade and investment in agricultural machinery with a focus on smallholder farmers in the Asia-Pacific region.